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Communities around the globe are challenged to find effective ways to provide dependable water supplies, and to restore the water we use to continue sustaining the natural environment. At Joadah, our water specialists work together worldwide to find innovative solutions to the water shortage issue.

We create sustainable and integrated water systems appropriate to our clients’ geographic conditions. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients and are experts in water, wastewater, water resources, watershed concepts and wet weather. We offer integrated services for total project delivery, covering everything from initial environmental planning studies to detailed design, construction management and operations and maintenance training. We understand our responsibility to the environment and provide services to positively impact lives, transform communities and make the world a better place.

Uganda like other Sub-Saharan Countries is a country where water scarcity is forcing innovative water engineering solutions which range from water conservation and water demand management, storage, treatment and distribution, to treatment and re-use or discharge as well as creating energy from waste. Projects undertaken by the firm include bulk water and sanitation services; pump stations; water and sewer treatment works; stormwater; water reticulation models; master planning; irrigation, as well as a range of feasibility studies.

It is important to arrive at an overall solution that does not reduce the quality of each single element of a project to below the set requirements. This requires close co-operation between all parties, extensive interface co-ordination and sophisticated project management. Through this experience, Joadah Consult has become a sought-after participant in this type of multi-disciplinary projects.