Highways & Transportation 

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Joadah  holds a successful history and tradition in the design of transport infrastructure projects, from major bridges to strategic roads opening up the country to economic prosperity. This has paved the way for our continued growth and increased involvement within the Roads & Bridges sector, delivering for today’s needs, as well as tomorrows.

Our capability is marked by the breadth of commissions in the sector. We have worked on numerous roads, bridges and railway crossings across the region, delivering multi-disciplinary services to maintain these key crossing points.  Our recent experience design development, promotion, procurement and site monitoring is enviable, and sees our services now expanding throughout sub Saharan Africa .

Intelligent transport systems bring greater control and automation to road networks. They ease congestion and carbon emissions and allow speedier response to incidents. We combine our experience with the latest methods and computer technology, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and CAD, and other digital analysing tools.


We have significant railway related experience working alongside the Ministry of Works and transport on the viability of a countrywide railway system. Our unique multi-disciplined approach provides us with the ability to address specific, challenging and complex issues in this field and to consistently deliver effective designs, which are well conceived and cognisant of the construction process.