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Joadah integrates a broad range of planning, design, engineering and construction capabilities with deep knowledge and experience within the healthcare field. We specialize in the planning and design of complex, technology-rich healthcare facilities. We blend natural and cultural contexts with high-performance, flexible facilities that are equipped for ever-changing technologies. We have partnered with our clients for over 100 years to build vitality for patients, families, providers, and their communities.


Through the depth of our healthcare experience, we provide our clients with services including Architecture, Campus Planning Programming, Cost Estimating, Economic Feasibility,Energy, Engineering, Interior Design, Medical Equipment Planning, Medical Planning, Program Construction Management, Sustainability, Therapeutic Landscapes Gardens and Transportation Design.

Hospitals have strict demands in terms of constructional detailing, fire and safety, waste treatment, energy efficiency, etc therefore a multidisciplinary approach is adamant. We see the totality and offer advice in all disciplines within project planning and construction of hospital buildings, as well as related services, such as healthcare engineering and environmental assessments and planning.


Joadah Consult has, through experience gained in multidisciplinary assignments, developed a methodology and efficient cooperation techniques between the different disciplines to ensure a totality in the development of healthcare environments.


Our experience includes a number of projects focused on the specialized facilities that serve the unique healthcare needs of women and children. From outpatient women’s centers to birthing centers to stand-alone children’s hospitals and specialty departments such as neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), our designers are focused on creating non-institutional healing environments that support the unique needs of this patient population.