At Joadah Consult, Innovation is in our DNA. Our people speak and practise innovation in all they do. Africa needs Innovation to come out of its numerous challenges from poverty to poor Infrastructure.

The Joadah Innovation Challenge Award training uses advanced education programs and digital tools that build confidence in our peoples ability to lead the creation, communication and commercialization of meaningfully unique ideas. Graduates of the program are experiencing increased speed and decreased risk in their innovation systems. The Program is developed to teach our young Leaders on Innovative ideas and kill the copy and paste tendency, which is rampant among Engineers and Architects in most parts of Africa. Innovation training gives our people the basics of how to implement a proven innovation system over a threemonth period.

Why Innovation?

In the past Innovation was slow and risky. Today, there is a system that increases innovation speed while decreasing risk. It’s called the Innovation Engineering Management System. It’s a new way of thinking based on a set of tools and principles developed and refined through 25 years of real world experimentation.

Why You?

The world is changing and you need to be changing faster than the marketplace if you want to stay ahead. For Africa to have real hope for meaningful growth - we need leaders who are willing and able to lead innovation.