road construction - ash husk research project

With various forms of transport available for use in Uganda, many of them are limited for use by their quality and quantity e.g. the international highways, railways, waterways and airways. Most of the internal road network is poor and used by very many people. Intelligent transport systems bring greater control and automation to road networks. They ease congestion and carbon emissions and allow speedier response to incidents. We combine our experience with the latest in methods and computer technology, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and CAD, and other digital analysing tools.


Joadah Consult provides consulting, engineering and construction services for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads and highways. We have established leaders in transportation planning, roadway design and traffic engineering.

We are currently involved in a research project in partnership with CrossRoads Challenge Fund of using rice husk ash in road works.

Our years of experience in roadway design have provided us with a unique and valuable asset - a vast resource of design details, guidelines, and cost estimate databases that can be drawn upon to determine the best possible approach and schedule for each project. We maintain a large, permanent staff of design professionals, so we have ample in-house resources for peer review and quality control.


Joadah Consult designs and builds new and rehabilitated bridge systems. Our approach to bridge design ensures quality, efficiency and safety for vehicular and pedestrian while adhering to environmental standards and contributing to the beauty and character of the community the bridges are designed to serve.

Joada Engineers during routine inspections
Water Ways

Lake Victoria is the principal waterway with commercial traffic. In conjunction with train services, the railway companies of Uganda and Tanzania operate train ferries on the lake between railhead ports of the two countries and Kenya. Jinja and Port Bell are the railheads for Uganda, connecting to Mwanza, Tanzania and Kisumu, Kenya. Other ferries serve non-railhead ports on the lake.

Lake Kyoga and the Victoria Nile south of the lake constitute the second most important commercial waterway. There used to be a steamboat service between Namasagali, a railhead port on the Nile, going as far as Masindi-Port on the other side of Lake Kyoga. Other waterways such as Lake George, and they do not carry commercial traffic to any great extent.

Joadah Consult has very many plans and models of establishing more waterways which can make water transportation faster and easier to use in Uganda.

Joadah Consult is currently carrying out Surveys of various water transports in Uganda contracted by Ministry of Works and Transport.

Rail Facilities

Increasing demand for new technologies and competition from other modes of transport all influence the success of rail facilities in today’s transportation market. Joadah Consult understands these vital issues. Whether your needs involve rail bridges and structures, transfer facilities, intermodal terminals or passenger facilities, Joadah Consult is the answer.

Joadah Consult has been contracted by Uganda Ministry of Transport to carry out Study on the Railway Transport across the Country.


  • Road design and Supervision
  • Soil surveys and testing;
  • Route location planning, design and relocation of utilities;
  • Storm water drainage designs;
  • Flood protection channels designs

Traffic Surveys and Forecasts

  • Traffic management and control;
  • Traffic safety management;
  • Traffic flow studies and signalization designs;
  • Road maintenance planning and management;
  • Substructures and foundations design and studies
  • Deck supporting structures designs;
  • Bridge roadways designs;
  • Safety devices and lighting designs.
  • Detail and local development plans
  • Construction schedules and tender documents for roads and parking facilities
  • Condition surveys and road rehabilitation
  • Traffic noise reduction measures
  • Cost estimates
  • Planning Analysis for Toll Roads, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Congestion Pricing Applications
  • Privatization Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure