Joadah integrates a broad range of planning, design, engineering and construction capabilities with deep knowledge and experience within the healthcare field. We specialize in the planning and design of complex, technology-rich healthcare facilities. We blend natural and cultural contexts with high-performance, flexible facilities that are equipped for ever-changing technologies. We have partnered with our clients for over 100 years to build vitality for patients, families, providers, and their communities.

mulago hospital
Joadah for Health

Through the depth of our healthcare experience, we provide our clients with services including Architecture, Campus Planning Programming, Cost Estimating, Economic Feasibility,Energy, Engineering, Interior Design, Medical Equipment Planning, Medical Planning, Program Construction Management, Sustainability, Therapeutic Landscapes Gardens and Transportation Design.

Hospitals have strict demands in terms of constructional detailing, fire and safety, waste treatment, energy efficiency, etc therefore a multidisciplinary approach is adamant. We see the totality and offer advice in all disciplines within project planning and construction of hospital buildings, as well as related services, such as healthcare engineering and environmental assessments and planning.

With a rich heritage of hospital design embracing all building types demanded from a stateof-the-art medical campus, our experienced building engineering teams develop sustainable, buildable facilities. We support the work of the medical community by providing buildings which are future facing, adaptable in terms of structure and technology provision. By thinking ahead from an early stage, we deliver buildings with flexibility designed in, to allow for change as medical technology and the delivery of modern healthcare services develops over time.

Joadah Consult has, through experience gained in multidisciplinary assignments, developed a methodology and efficient cooperation techniques between the different disciplines to ensure a totality in the development of healthcare environments.

We also provide models of Private Public partnerships to our clients which they can adopt to in order improve the health sector and service delivery in the country.

At Joadah Consult, we enable healthcare organizations to enhance operational efficiencies, streamline internal processes, modernize business and develop suitable infrastructure, while meeting regulatory compliance.

Joadah Consult professionals are capable of providing consultancy services of international standards, well versed with modern design technologies and have the capability to transform such technologies according to the socio-economic conditions of the country/area for which problems are to be addressed at the healthcare organizations. Joadah Consult has secured more than 45 projects in most of the hospitals in the region. These include master planning, detailed design and supervision of entire hospitals, operating theatres, hospital staff accommodation,interns’ mess, radiology departments, Private wings, intensive care units, incinerator, medical equipment workshops, Administration blocks, casuality departments, sewerage systems, fences and gates.

Healthcare Master Planning
mulago hospital

Master planning is the process of developing a vision and road map for the development/renewal of the campus in the short and long term. Facility development is not typically a strategy itself, but it can support the effective execution of strategy by optimizing effective service delivery, creating long term viability of the campus, and prioritizing capital investments that provide the greatest value to the organization and that minimize costly mistakes.

It is our philosophy that a master plan should create a sense of place, a quality environment that establishes an appropriate setting for its intended use and for the enjoyment of the people who interact with it. It means designing an environment where people feel welcome, secure and safe, creating a setting where basic needs can be met easily and pleasantly in attractive and congenial surroundings.

specialised maternal and neonatal healthcare unit
Maternal and Neonatal

Our experience includes a number of projects focused on the specialized facilities that serve the unique healthcare needs of women and children. From outpatient women’s centers to birthing centers to stand-alone children’s hospitals and specialty departments such as neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), our designers are focused on creating non-institutional healing environments that support the unique needs of this patient population.


Joadah Consult’s efforts in the area of sustainability practices and approaches include labeling green products and promoting green chemistry and engineering, managing materials rather than creating waste, using green infrastructure to manage storm water runoff, and supporting the sustainable design of communities. Every Infrastructure project under us has to undergo a level of Environmental Impact Assessment.

Joadah Consult’s vision for a more sustainable future drives much of our work, including the foundation of how we operate as a company. This commitment is visible in the everyday practices of our people and our projects. Supporting development and conservation strategies that help protect our natural environment and make our communities more attractive, economically stronger, and more socially diverse. Whether through the services we provide or our volunteer efforts for sustainability causes in the community, we live Joadah’s Purpose: to make life easier and to raise standards.