At Joadah, we are leaders in integrated planning and engineering solutions for a sustainable energy future. Our mission is to help our clients reduce energy consumption, develop renewable sources, cut carbon emissions and improve grid reliability. We join up technical, commercial, planning and policy expertise to help clients make informed plans – and take decisive action – to improve performance through energy and carbon management.

Our integrated energy services framework achieves speed-to-market by bringing together a unique combination of technologists, planners and project managers. We provide energy analysis and planning, environmental management, conceptual design, engineering, procurement,project management, construction management and asset management.

Heavy consumption of energy impacts both on the wider environment and on running costs. As sustainability and energy-efficiency are cornerstones of our work, we will deliver designs that will make your project cheaper to run, more cost-effective to maintain and minimising the effect on the environment.

We also aim to recycle and reuse materials for construction especially if there an economic benefit.

Installation of Generators at Mulago

  • Solar,
  • Biomass,
  • Waste to Energy,
  • Hydro Electricity,
  • Nuclear Energy,
  • Thermal Generation

In conjunction with our partners are looking at cost effective renewable Energy option of Biomass since the feedstock is plenty in the rural areas to power these Water Pumps. Currently the Research and Development team is carrying out research on two energy projects;

  • Biomass Energy Solutions,
  • Energy solutions from Mortar and Dynamo